Communication between buyers and sellers at GigLancer

Here at GigLancer, we are fully aware of the importance of communication, as it is a two-way street like the transactions themselves. Moreover, communication helps everyone resolve matters in a constructive and productive fashion. Consequently, GigLancer provides not only 1 or 2, but 5 avenues of communication between buyers and sellers. Furthermore, whatever method of communication you may use, you can feel sure about the privacy and safety. In this article, we offer a rundown of the communication means offered in this platform, so as to make the best of them in every situation.


1. Text chat

In this fast-paced world, it is vital to have a means of communication in handy when you don’t have time for calls or you want to deal with a matter quickly and easily. Do you see that green button with the bubble in the lower right corner? Welcome to the GigLancer chat!


Upon clicking on it, you can choose between “Contacts” and “Messages”.


The contacts that show up are the ones you have added by clicking on the “Add contact” button on the upper right of their profile.

The only thing you now have to do is choose a contact 

and start typing on the “Write your message” box.


By clicking on the arrow next to it, the message goes on its way. When you receive a new message, you will see it if you click “Messages” on the chat feature or on the envelope icon next to your profile picture on the upper right corner of the page. Furthermore, we also have a bell icon next to the typing box in order to turn off the sound in case you are busy.


2. Free calls


Oh the possibilities that arise when you can talk to each other for free! Once you click on any user’s profile, you will see the “Call me free” button on the upper right. You can also find this feature on each gig.


However, there is also another, more direct way to access this feature. As you click on each contact, you will see some features. Apart from the “minimize” and “close” options, you will notice that next to the “This user is online/offline” indication the icons for calling and video chatting.


Free calls, just like the other means of communication, are also included in GigLancer’s mobile app. Furthermore, they are a truly direct and personal way of dealing with any issue.



3. Video chat


As you may have noticed by now, GigLancer’s chat feature includes some truly interesting functionalities. Apart from calling and texting, you can also make video calls through the chat by clicking on the camera button next to the calling one.



This is a very important feature, as both sellers and buyers can communicate with each other as directly as it gets and assess each other in terms of trustworthiness. Furthermore, video calls can also be very helpful when it comes to revisions, as you can offer suggestions to the seller in order to help them offer the final product that you desire. Conversely, if you are a seller, video chats are a great way to show your work to your client before you deliver it and gauge their reaction. It is a really great tool for feedback.


4. Email


Let’s assume that you want to resolve a matter in a rather formal fashion or maybe you are too shy to call or show up on video. Whatever the issue is, you can reach out to a user’s profile and choose the “Contact” button.

This means that the message you will send them will be delivered to their email and they will get a notification. Despite the currently prevailing more modern methods of communication, email is by now a time-tested one for businesses, as it allows you to deal with any issue that requires details, something that is not usually possible in the quick and snappy way usually encountered in chatting.


5. Follow them


Let’s say that you have been so satisfied by a seller’s service that you can’t wait to see more of their work and be the first to learn about their offers. Why not head over to their profile, then, and click on the “Follow” button right in the middle of the upper right section? Through this feature, you will not miss any update from this user and you will stay in the know through GigLancer’s email notifications.


As you can easily understand, GigLancer breaks the communication barriers and provides a variety of solutions for everyone covering every need. We make things even smoother and easier through GigLancer’s mobile app, as it simplifies the whole process even more by offering these features in a much more accessible fashion so that every user can use them immediately any time.

Naturally, the communication systems offered by GigLancer aid you in reaching out to a lot of people. However, there is another way to do so, and it is through the platform's very simple affiliate system. You can find out more about it in the article How the affiliate system at GigLancer works

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